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J.R. Ramirez To Play Wildcat On ‘Arrow’ Season 3 

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I went to New York for Fashion Week and girls showed up waiting to see me. It’s funny because there’s a group of girls who I actually recognize because they always show up. It’s nice and I’m like, ‘Hi girls! I recognize your faces!’ It’s just like a feel-good experience.

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katie, caity, and emily high fiving each other
(also david resting his chin on pauls shoulder)

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Katie Cassidy at Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration (x)

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Emily and Katie being cuter than anyone

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To celebrate Wildcats' arrival here's a little bedtime story of what to expect in season 3 of Arrow. 



Laurel: Ted you’re a badass fighter, do you think you could teach me a few tricks?

Ted: I don’t know about that Laurel.. I mean, it’s gonna take a lot of time and strength.


Oliver [interrupts]: What makes you think this loser can fight?

Ted: By all means, let me convince you.

Laurel: Boys boys! don’t make me scream.

Ted: He needs to learn some manners.

Oliver: And you need to learn how not to fight like a girl.

Ted: Says the one who got his ass kicked by one.

Laurel: You know what? I’m sick of you too. I’ll show you how girls fight.

Laurel: Little bitches.

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Katie Cassidy in The Scribbler (x)