Katie Cassidy is an American actress, best known for her current role of Laurel Lance on The CW's Arrow, and this is a blog dedicated to her work and the characters played by her. This Tumblr blog is also a part of her fansite network, you can reach us on these platforms: Katie Cassidy Daily | KCD Gallery | Twitter | Facebook

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katie is ugly as this blog.
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And you are probably as dumb as this little message.

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Laullie Meme - 3 Kisses

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Plus, I thought you and dad would try and talk me out of going back to work so soon.
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"I try to keep myself in what I’m doing and focused on character stuff, as opposed to getting wrapped up in worrying or being nervous. It won’t benefit me, in any way, to focus on that."

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Katie Cassidy for CoveTeur (x)

Katie Cassidy for CoveTeur (x)

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Katie Cassidy in She’s no you

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Hello! Please tell me, that I still can send you a message to KCfanbook? Thank you! :)

Yes, you can still send your message :)