Katie Cassidy is an American actress, best known for her current role of Laurel Lance on The CW's Arrow, and this is a blog dedicated to her work and the characters played by her. This Tumblr blog is also a part of her fansite network, you can reach us on these platforms: Katie Cassidy Daily | KCD Gallery | Twitter | Facebook

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 [1/2] Demons - Ruby

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banamighdall asked: Ruby 1.0 or Ella Simms

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hey! just wanna ask if you are the owner of the YouTube channel "Katie Cassidy Daily"?, about the channel trailer... what app or editor did you use coz i really wanna make one :) Thanks!
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Hello there! Yes, that is our channel, and I made the channel trailer with Sony Vegas, 11.0 version. Hope this helps ^^

- Becky

what's your favourite hair colour on katie? i prefer her as a medium-dark brunette, such a babe
Anonymous Asked

I think we just love Katie’s hair colour, even if its blonde or brunette. You know… when we fell in love with her her hair was blonde, when she played the awesome Trish Welington her hair was dark brown, when she was a scheming bitch (sorry) on Gossip Girl we loved her with blonde hair. I think her hair colour doesn’t matter, because Katie always be Katie, her hair colour just a plus. (But of course we have favourite: Lini prefers blonde, Becky prefers dark brown (like in Harper’s Island or Kill for me) and I (Sheaes) prefer brunette)

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"The man under the hood is not important"

Guys, I’m such an idiot, I posted this video a few days ago, and forgot to set it to public *facepalm* so sorry, here it is again, reposted.

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It’s Oliver and Laurel, Always and Forever.

This video was specially made for Tumblr fans. It’s more of a celebration of the last awesome episode which made us ship these two even more. I’m just as happy as any pro Lauriver shipper, thank you for every reblog, like, retweet, and most of all thank you for not giving up on them like most of the fandom did. Our support has finally paid off, and we’re now getting what we’ve been waiting for since the show started. It’s a matter of episodes now before we see our canary in action. So there you go guys, a little thank you gift.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be him? What he has to live with day in and day out, what that’s got to be like.

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make me choose → anonymous asked: Laurel + CNRI or Laurel + DA’s Office