Katie Cassidy is an American actress, best known for her current role of Laurel Lance on The CW's Arrow, and this is a blog dedicated to her work and the characters played by her. This Tumblr blog is also a part of her fansite network, you can reach us on these platforms: Katie Cassidy Daily | KCD Gallery | Twitter | Facebook

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The Women of Arrow heading to Comic Con

And to your left, Ladies and Gentlemen, you see the effects of severe sleep deprivation

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I was scrolling your black canary tag, and I think you should remake "the black canary challenge" I'm sure more people will make those edits after Sara and Laurel storyline this season, and this will help us to wait for season 3 :)
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I will just post this out, and see how many likes it gets! If it gets any, I will bring it back. But I need to see if people are interested ^^

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Katie Cassidy for TomboyKC

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when will season 3 start?
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October 8th ^^

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"Did you ever think that we’d end up as business partners?"

Paul jokes that he’s losing track of what Quentin’s daughters are up to! “They’re good girls, he brought them up well,” he jokes.

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The question is ... are they shooting scenes ... together? ;)
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