Katie Cassidy is an American actress, best known for her current role of Laurel Lance on The CW's Arrow, and this is a blog dedicated to her work and the characters played by her. This Tumblr blog is also a part of her fansite network, you can reach us on these platforms: Katie Cassidy Daily | KCD Gallery | Twitter | Facebook

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"Sara used to have a stuffed animal. It was this old, worn out shark that she got from the starling aquarium. Every time something awful would happen to her, I would always find her holding that stupid little shark close to her chest. And now that my sister´s dead, again the only thing that I can think about is finding that dumb stuffed animal and putting it in her arms"

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Laurel & Oliver + parallels comics / Arrow

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Happy belated Day 17 of Nina’s Month

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I need more pro laurel lance blogs to follow because honestly that girl needs more love not hate! Reblog/Like if you’re one and I’ll follow you :)

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Laurel & Sara.

Sooo here it is again, you know, I accidentally deleted it last day (don’t ask, I don’t know how did that happen, DUMB ME)
anyway I made a few improvements, hope you like it!

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I'd like to think I'm actually a nice person in real life.” -Katie Cassidy.

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"I’m coming with you!"
"Absolutely not!"

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